Meet Zoe - asthmatic age-grouper!

Meet Zoe - asthmatic age-grouper!

Triathlon Experience

I've done a fair few triathlons in my time. My biggest three races have been my full iron-distance events. They've not gone without incident though! Asthma attacks, cracked ribs and even falling down a manhole in training a couple of weeks before a race!

2018 Goals

I'm still learning to deal with my asthma in training and events (yes I do have a TUE for my meds) whilst building up to Ironman Wales. That's my A-race for the year.  My build up includes the Lakesman Half in June and the Long Course Weekend in July. I'll keep you posted with updates of my training progress. 

A Bit About Me

Apart from triathlon I enjoy snowboarding, shooting in the winter, and surfing and paddle boarding in summer times. I have three spaniels and one husband which are always up for a long walk in the countryside. My problem is I love all kinds of food and find it hard to resist, that's why I need three sports to keep my weight in check. But a good cup of coffee, banana milkshake or Jaffa cakes will never be turned down.

I race long course and Ironman races under the Jamaican flag – I was born there. I once shared a world record with Paula Radcliff – my first half marathon time was the same as her marathon world record time.