2016 Clearance SALE!

Posted by Peter Bond on

We're clearing out our 2016 stock... at cost price!

You're never going to get a better deal from us on this stock, because when it is gone, it is gone for good! We're working hard on developing next year's products and need to clear the shelves of our award winning 2016 stock. So if you've loved your trisuit and want to feel the same awesomeness on the bike, or if you've seen it in magazines but never gone ahead with a purchase... now's your chance!

In the 2016 clearance sale we're doing:

  • All cycling stock £42 per item. Over £20 off!
  • Sleeveless trisuit £50 - less than we pay for them (inc taxes)!
  • Arm warmers at only £10
  • Leg warmers - not previously sold on the site and straight into the sale! £15 per pair.
  • Running vests - men's and ladies' running vests at only £7.50 each. They're so orange! Look out for this product on our website soon!

Leg warmers and running tops will be on site later this week so don't miss them. 

All items are whilst stock lasts... which won't be long for some items!

If you buy some gear from us, why not let us know that you think you deserve to receive a free mug? We love hearing from our customers (especially the cheeky ones after a freebie) and we'll consider popping one in the parcel for you!



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