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I've been quiet recently - not blogging about the progress of Heart Sports with quite the same regularity - but with good reason. Heart Sports HQ has been undergoing massive refurbishment. New walls, flooring and network all take their time to sort out, but there's also the big delivery to wait for! In the middle of this coming week we should have the first bulk order of our garments coming in. Sleeveless trisuits, men's and women's cycle jerseys and some awesome bib-shorts too!

I'm looking to get some products out to review so if you are in the review business and want to get in touch, then please do so. I'll update the blog in the future with any results of some reviews... speaking of which...

Some recent reviews for 2Toms (the only other brand we've chosen to sell to date) have come in and people are saying what I've been saying all along:

Triathlete Europe: "We can hear traditionalists screaming in disbelief at the thought of swapping from regular chamois creams to a roll-on. We were surprised with the results ButtShield works as well as any chamois cream we’ve used."

SlowTwitch:" I think ButtShield IS better than regular chamois cream. There, I said it. In fact, I could see this being the new triathlete’s chamois cream."

So what's for Heart Sports in the future? Well there's HQ to finish off. New products being stocked. Review units to post out. And not forgetting the product videos to get done! It is my dream that every product has an awesome video that gives you insight into each product - like you're chatting to staff in a bricks and mortar shop. You'll get in depth knowledge, close-up views and general goodness. These videos will be produced in-house at Heart Sports HQ so we get complete control. 

The future has great things in store... which is funny because also has great things in store!

As always, feel free to share the blog - and share the love! Cheers!



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