Best. Week. Ever.

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Picking up!

Things are really picking up at Heart Sports. We've just had our best week of sales yet - and being a small, young company, we hope there are many more of those "best yet" weeks to come! This is largely thanks to the first bit of press coverage that we received in the December edition of 220Triathlon magazine. The folks over at 220 were super communicative and kept us in the loop with what they were planning to do and some of our newest customers have mentioned the magazine article as the way they first heard about us. Thank you 220Triathlon!

Can you help?

On that note; if you know someone who is connected with a triathlon or cycling publication and you could put us in touch with them, don't hold back! Email using or use the contact form on the website to let us know. We're keen to spread the word about our Awesomely Orange triathlon and cycling apparel.

The least you can do...

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Thank you, with all our Heart (Sports)


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