Guess what we're riding?

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Heart Sports Cycle Jersey CollarThe UK is currently undergoing what is known as "driving weather". The urge to commute by bike is dropping faster than the thermometer but don't give in! If you are a triathlete or cyclist you'll know that winter fitness is incredibly important. The best way to achieve winter fitness is to maintain summer fitness! We all need a rest from time to time and over winter is a great time to do it, but there's something important about keeping a certain level - even in the off-season. For most of us mere mortals (ie non-pro-athletes) this means that we have to brave the elements rather than jet off to Florida for some "winter" training. 

SleeveThe best way to ride and still enjoy it at this time of year? Well if you have the luxury of a winter bike set up, then great, but if not then some 28mm tires go a long way to making your road bike more suited to fend off the awful British pot holes... or roads as they're called. Also, layering up is essential. A long sleeve base layer, under your Heart Sports Cycle Jersey is a superb combo. Being a performance-level garment, there are some features of the Jersey that make it a killer in the winter.

1. The arm cuffs are stretch fabric rather than elastic-gathered - which means they don't cut in, even when layered on top of another garment.

2. The collar is sooooo comfy. The women's garment has a collar that is less pronounced in its cut and both the men's and women's garments will play nicely over, or under, other clothes.

Heart Sports Waterproof Pocket3. The waterproof pocket is really waterproof! To test the pocket we filled it with water and it held it, without seepage, for 20 minutes. That's holding a pocket full of water! Imagine the extent to which it'll keep the water off your mobile.

4. The reflective tabs on the side and the pocket zip, might just be the things that get you noticed - but please don't rely on them for night time visibility. Use lights.

Reflective Tabs

So why not get yourself a Heart Sports Cycle Jersey and be the best you can be this winter?


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