A treat for bargain hunters! Have a look!

Posted by Peter Bond on

Royal Mail have said that Monday 21st is the final day for orders to be shipped out if they are to be received before Christmas and so we're going to make it a bit of fun for these final few days!

It's voucher time!

At random moments throughout the next few days we'll be posting up a few £15 off vouchers to be used on orders over £50. These vouchers will be posted on the blog (not on Facebook or Twitter, but on "The Heart") so check back regularly! Each voucher can be used only once so first-come-first-served!

There will be 3 vouchers per day on each of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All vouchers must be used for orders before 3pm on Monday 21st December. 

So happy bargain-hunting! And please, share the story so that your tri and bike-mad mates can keep an eye out for the vouchers (for you?). 

And just to get you started... here's the first voucher!   PGXVSZ12QTC1

Heart Sports money off voucher



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