Look what Santa brought you!

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So Christmas Eve is here (depending on when you read this) and people will soon be opening their presents. I wonder if you've received a Heart Sports triathlon or cycling garment? Or perhaps you've been given a bit of money (from the person who just can't think what to get you) and you want to put it towards your next Heart Sports clothing? Surely you want a bargain and so you're looking out for the January Sales? Well read on!

Post-Christmas Promotion

In the run-up to Christmas we had a 10% off offer which many took advantage of. Now though, we're bored of money off promotions - we're going to give you something extra!

You can choose from one of the bundle deals below:

Buy a Heart Sports Trisuit (short sleeve or sleeveless) and get a
2Toms SportShield (RRP £14) for FREE! Use code SPORTFREE

Buy a Heart Sports Cycle Jersey (male or female) and get a
2Toms BlisterShield (RRP £12.99) for FREE! Use code BLISTERFREE
Buy a Heart Sports Cycle Bibshort (male or female) and get a
2Toms ButtShield (RRP £14) for FREE! Use code BUTTFREE

How do you order yours?

Simply order your chosen garment in the correct size. Now go to the correct 2Toms product page and dd that to your cart too! At your checkout, add the correct discount code from above and watch the price fall! 

This promotion starts... NOW! and runs through to January 10th 2016. Happy New Year!

And watch this space...

And as if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, we've got brand new items coming in to stock soon - Heart Sports branded Arm Warmers and Leg Warmers! Perfect to complement the Cycle Jersey and Bibshort set. In this incredibly mild winter weather we're having, there's no need to get massively togged up with jackets and base layers, so these arm warmers and leg warmers are perfect for slipping on and off with your regular cycle clothing! Look out for our bundle deals coming soon!


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