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Perfect in a cold snap!

We had one of the mildest Decembers on record and people selling full-winter clothing have really been struggling to make a sale. What you really need at this time of year is a neat little pair of arm warmers rolled up in your cycle jersey or running shorts pocket - just in case you need them.

Arm Warmers

They're perfect when an extra layer would be too much. If you're going to be working hard, the last thing you need is to overheat. These are easily removed or rolled down, to reveal your skin and allow you to cool down again. They're the protection of sleeves and with unmatched flexibility.

Use them when...

Arm warmers are great for runners and cyclists alike. How often do you step outside for a morning run and get hit by the cold? If only you had something to take the hit, but that you could remove a mile down the road when you've warmed up! Say hello to the solution! Plus our orange and black styling looks awesome.

For all day cyclists, you want to pack light, but not get caught out by a shift in the weather. Our arm warmers fold up super small but offer protection from wind-chill.

Leg Warmers... coming very soon.

You've got your favourite bibshorts (we sell an awesome race-ready pair) that you'd never be without. But it's a bit too chillsome outside to go bearing your legs! That's when you'd use leg warmers. Pull them up and put your bibshorts over the top. They extend your bibshorts into bibtights! There are highly reflective safety strips on the YKK zipper which improves your side-on visibility at night and an awesome orange patch around the knee with our heart-man logo stretching this-way-and-that on your knee-cap as you ride!

Bundle deals

If you want arm warmers - great. If you want leg warmers - also great. If you want both, then we've got a bundle deal on for you at the moment. Save £5 when you buy both! This is an introductory offer and will only last for a short time.



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