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The future has great things in store for Heart Sports. We are constantly on the lookout for developing our products and a recent survey of our customers and facebook followers showed that running gear should be high on the priority list for the next wave of new products.

Running Wear

The Heart Sports brand is distinctive, with the trademark Heart logo and the consistent colour scheme throughout the range - so the running wear must conform to this style guide. 

Many people use their favourite running wear for their best races and some even get their name printed on to it for crowd support. We think it is important to ensure that there is space above the race number area for this to happen.

Vests need to be long - not down to your knees long. There is something very unnerving about having a vest that nearly touches your shorts!

Tshirts need to be soft. Flatlock stitching is all well and good but it can go hard after repeated washing. The stitching and the fabric need to be right, and they need to stay right for the entire life of the garment. The balance of quality, weight, breathability, endurance and flexibility needs to be right such that the garment feels right when you first receive it and performs right when you use it competitively.


As Featured in...

Some time ago we were blown away by the response to our first media exposure with 220 Triathlon Magazine putting a full page "first look" feature in their magazine. Most of the orders that we've had for our Short Sleeve Trisuit have come from this initial bit of publicity and even better things are to come! 220 Triathlon have assured us that we are to feature in a trisuit group-test in a future edition (why not subscribe) - we're hoping to score big in the test!

An "Editor's Choice" or "Best Buy" award would validate our belief that our Heart Sports Short Sleeve Trisuit is a brilliant piece of kit that represents superb value.

Over to you.

So let us know what you're hoping for in a running top. What out there at the moment is your favourite or go-to top and why? Hit us up on the Contact page or in the comments below.


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