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A Triathlon for Charity?

Are you, or someone you know, doing a triathlon this year? Or perhaps you're considering it, but something is standing in the way? You just aren't sure that you've got the right kit?

Heart Sports Trisuit Charity LoanMost people who are considering a triathlon already do some swimming, some cycling and some running. So you can do them all individually, but have never thought about how to link them up. The secret weapon to an easy triathlon is the trisuit. It is the only thing that you wear for the whole event (although I may have seen someone with their goggles on for the bike leg) so it needs to be right. You swim in something that needs to not flap around. Then it needs to dry quickly whilst out on the bike. And it needs to have a bit of a pad to protect your bum on the bike. Then you need flexibility on the run that will help you to achieve your best, without rubbing and soreness. We think our trisuit will help with that!

If you want to buy the trisuit outright, go ahead, but if you want to try it out on your first triathlon for charity, for only £10 we'll do all of this:

  • Send you a trisuit a week before the event.
  • Include a return post bag and a sachet of StinkFree detergent to wash it in.
  • Sponsor your chosen charity £5!
  • And when we get the suit back we'll even give you your £50 deposit back.

If you fall in love with the suit (and triathlon in general) and you want to keep it, then that's fine, we'll just keep the deposit.

If this interests you then like and share this page. Full details can be found on the Charity Trisuit Loan product page


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