Trisuit - Purple Thunder

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The award winning trisuit that built on a strong pedigree.


Material choice:

The arms, side panels and legs are now furnished with aero-compress fabric. This gives a more secure fit where needed and the confidence to slice through the air. 

Zip protection:

Sometimes small things make a big difference. We've gone and put a tiny flap of fabric behind the zip so that when it is done up, you can't feel it. The fabric is soft, the zip isn't - which would you prefer against your skin?


Our first products were orange. In 2017 we went blue. Now we've got a purpley-green thing going on that looks simply stunning. Once again, you'll stand out from the me-too black and red suits out there, with a unique hexagonal graphic. It's unlikely to match your bike, but you'll be going so fast that no-one will notice. Plus when you get off the bike to run, you'll still look awesome.

What we've kept:

The waffle-texture body fabric continues to lead the way in moisture management and comfort. The floating rear pockets are worth the price of admission alone! The leg cuffs are always comfy and last for years without bagging up. The super-aerated underarms reduce discomfort and increase temperature control. Basically, we kept what you love and improved what we could.

A Note About Our Sizes

Our most common reason for a return is the wrong size being ordered. If in doubt, check. If really in doubt, order a few sizes and send back the one(s) you don't want.

As always - please check the size guide carefully before ordering. We size a bit small - for example, a theoretical 6'1" male who weighs approx 13.5st with a 34" waist and 41" chest would fit an XL suit in a "performance fit" (tight, but not restrictive). 

Size Guide