About Us

Heart Sports Ltd was built out of a passion to supply products that hit the sweet spot of price and performance. Only the products of which we can be proud, at a price that is honourable, will make it into our store. 

Our own brand items will always be quality at a surprising price. We hope that you'll join in the discussion about our products, here, or on Facebook and Twitter, letting us know what you love and what could be improved in the next revision. Use the social links below to get going.

Heart Sports is a UK based, privately owned company, formed in 2015. Seeing an opportunity to develop consistently designed products across all of the triathlon disciplines, the founder, Pete Bond, turned to OEM manufacturers to source quality materials and performance products that would form the backbone of these designs. 

As you might see today - the Heart Sports Collection is focused. We have to get it right! That sweet spot of price vs performance is hard to find and the resulting products won't suit everyone, but our hope is that you will find more than you were expecting and everything you are hoping for. 

The core of our products are the trisuits, developed each year to bring new innovations and technology.


The products that aren't Heart Sports branded must pass one test - "Would we use it?". We are triathletes. We are cyclists. We are runners and swimmers. We use this stuff every day! So are we proud to be offering everything else? Yes we are. The 2Toms products are class-leading and well worth checking out. You'll never look back!

We wear our heart on our sleeve and we love to hear how you've got on with your purchase.

So that's Heart Sports. Who are you? If you want to get in touch then do so using the social links or the contact page. You never know, we might get in touch and feature you in our blog The Heart.

Heart Sports