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Eliminate chaffing like a pro!

2Toms have this to say about SportShield:

Using SportShield® liquid roll-on, you apply a smooth, thin invisible coating to the skin.  This coating eliminates or greatly minimizes the friction that causes blisters, chafing and irritation.  It can be used on any part of the body where skin is subjected to chafing by clothing and equipment pressure points.

So you can see that SportShield is an amazing solution to an annoying problem. We've all suffered from chaffing and hot spots in the past. Whether it is around the neck under your wetsuit, on the pad in your bib short, under your arms near the seam or even the dreaded runner's nipple - this stuff sorts you out. Add a thin layer to the affected area and say goodbye to the soreness that comes from chaffing. 

When you're done for the day, the SportShield can be easily removed with soap and water.

And now for the 2Toms SportShield FAQ!

What is Chafing?

Chafing is an irritation of the skin caused when there is rubbing or friction between skin and skin, clothing and skin or gear and skin contact. Skin chafing can be painful to the touch, red and swollen. If chafing is not treated by “rest” for the affected area or protected from the rubbing, it can escalate to cracks and bleeding.

How to prevent chafing -

To prevent chafing, you must eliminate the friction/rubbing that is occurring. Make sure you have properly fitting clothes/gear and use an anti-friction product, such as SportShield.

How does SportShield work to prevent Chafing?

SportShield is applied directly to the skin. It creates a waterproof barrier between your skin and clothing/skin. SportShield stays on top of your skin for all day performance, is sweat proof and will not wipe off. It should be applied in an area where you feel chafing could occur, such as bra lines, inner thighs, nipples, back of heels, etc

Can I apply SportShield after chafing has occurred?

SportShield is a preventative option. If chafing has already occurred and your skin is not cracked or open, then YES – you can use SportShield. It will help prevent the chafing from getting worse. If the affected area is cracked or open, then SportShield should not be used.

Can I use SportShield on open wounds?

No. SportShield works to prevent chafing. Although it is a very safe product, it should be used on closed healthy skin. If the skin has such conditions as cracks, open blisters, bleeding rashes, or any other be sure those problems are cured before applying SportShield.

How do I remove SportShield?

SportShield can be easily removed with hand wipes (ex. baby wipes) or soap and water.

How long does the bottle of SportShield last?

This completely depends on personal use. SportShield is sold in a 1.5oz bottle and single use towelettes. If you use SportShield 1.5 oz on large portions of your body that tend to chafe and you use it every day… you will use it faster than someone that only uses it on their inner thighs once a week. Our hope – that you use it quickly so you buy more! :)

Does SportShield affect my sweating?

SportShield does not affect sweating. SportShield is a barrier that stays on top of the skin allowing sweat to flow easily from pores. It does not “sweat off” or rub off skin when in contact with clothing. This barrier allows your clothes/skin to move freely while allowing you to sweat normally.

Will SportShield stain my athletic apparel?

SportShield should not stain your clothing. It has been tested on all fabrics from cotton, wicking materials, gortex & neoprene and has not stained.


Dimethicone, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E