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So many uses

The Heart Sports Arm Sleeves are here! And they're brilliant. Whether you're looking for the marginal gains on the bike, or a bit of added warmth under a jacket or jersey, you've come to the right product!

Arm Warmers

The Heart Sports Arm Sleeves provide an added layer of material between you and the outside world. Put beneath a jacket or jersey and they really add extra warmth. Sometimes there are days when you're torn between short and long sleeves and these provide the answer... both! Wear them as the day warms up and then pack them away when you're warm enough to not need them. They pack down super small to fit any cycle jersey or trisuit pocket.

Speed Sleeves

The benefits of reduced aero drag from material vs skin are well documented. A well-fitting layer of smooth material helps reduce the drag over the arm, created by hair and skin interacting with the air to create turbulence. Whilst the actual wattage saving may be small (compared to riding position, wheels, helmet etc), they do provide one of the cheaper ways to add speed without increasing effort.

Arm Coolers?

The great thing about modern sports "wicking" fabrics is that they help to draw sweat away from the skin, to the outer layer of the fabric. When you're hot and sweaty they actually speed up the cooling process by contributing towards the evaporation of your sweat (Arm Coolers) When you're cold (and not sweating) the dry fabric traps air and increases the insulation and therefore warming effect (Arm Warmers). So whether you wear them in the hot or cold, they should help you feel at your most comfortable (when combined with your body's effective sweat system!). 

Size Guide

Our arm sleeves come in four sizes; Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. They are generously long and flexibly expansive, so exact sizing shouldn't be an issue. As always, you can buy with confidence, knowing that we have a very generous returns policy. If you've tried them on and you're not sure - wear them in a race/event/ride/whatever - if you're still not sure, send them to us telling us who you are and what size/refund you want and we'll make it happen.

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