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Incredible comfort. Elite performance materials. Striking Design.

There's no alternative

Bibshorts are a wonderful thing. Worn on their own they make you look more daft than a clown's more ridiculous younger sister - but put something stylish over the braces and it'll be more comfortable than a velvet v-neck and will look good too.

Our bibshorts complement the rest of our range with bold, block colours and consistent styling. The white straps will remain invisible under your cycle jersey and they are incredibly soft, comfortable and breathable. 

Attention where it counts

The Heart Sports bibshorts have an amazing pad. As a keen cyclist you know that the pad makes or breaks a pair of bibshorts. The DT-Tour Pad is generous and will keep you fresh all day. To share your experience of our pad, why not head down to the reviews section below and leave your comments on how comfortable these shorts were on your last mega, epic, centurion or tour!

Also, this isn't just "shrink it and pink it"! Our women's bibshort follows the same design guidelines as the rest of our products and has lady-specific features such as the strap position which is super-comfortable plunging straight down the cleavage - which makes a lot of sense!


  • Front and rear black panels: Ocean EF
  • Side panels: Ocean EFPE
  • Bib: Snow APEFT mesh - the same super breathable fabric as used in the underarm of our cycle jersey.

See our size guide below before ordering. We size on height for a "medium build", but if you want a super tight or more relaxed fit then adjust accordingly.

Size Guide


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