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This is for those long periods between events. Those moments when it probably isn't appropriate for you to be wearing your trisuit, but you still want to connect with your passion somehow. 

Well now you can! With the Heart Sports mug range!

Unique Design

Totally unique to Heart Sports, we've got something for you that will stand out in the office mug collection; ready to receive your chosen beverage.

There are two in the range;

"I Love Swim Bike Run" - for when you need to spell it out to your friends/family/colleagues, in the correct order.

"I Love Tri" - for those who are more familiar with what a Tri might be.

Either way, you can show your passion for all things Heart Sports, whilst opening up a conversation about your most recent sporting achievement.

Amazing Features

The Heart Sports mugs have amazing features:

  • A handle
  • A bit that holds the liquid (hot or cold)
  • Some writing and our logo
  • Design on both sides
  • The web address down the edge (away from handle)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not so good in the washing machine or tumble drier
  • They're "standard mug" size. Not buckets, or thimbles.
  • Comes in a delivery safe box, which can double up as a giftbox.

Now the only question is which mug... or both! 

Please note: price is for one mug.