Heart Sports Short Sleeve Trisuit (2017)

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It's here! The Heart Sports Short Sleeve Trisuit (our best selling product of 2016) is back and better than ever. Not wanting to stand still with our award-winning trisuit, we've made some cracking improvements that we hope you'll love. 

As always - please check the size guide carefully before ordering. We size a bit small - for example, a theoretical 6'1" male who weighs approx 13.5st with a 34" waist and 41" chest would fit an XL suit in a "performance fit" (tight, but not restrictive). If in doubt, order bigger. Or order two sizes and send back the one you don't want.

Size Guide

Improvements for 2017

  • We've shortened the collar, taking the zip away from the wetsuit collar (potential rubbing point).
  • Our new cuff is less prone to rolling up under the wetsuit, meaning you've got less to fuss with in T1.
  • Visually, our new design is, in our opinion, the business.
  • Better material choice makes the ride even more comfortable. 
  • We've retained the genius pocket design and the leg cuffs which make the suit an absolute pleasure to ride and run in, with no dig-in whatsoever.

Heart Sports Trisuit Close Up 1

Heart Sports Trisuit Close Up 2

Heart Sports Trisuit Close Up 3

Price increase note

Our trisuit price has increased from £95 (2016 model) to £115 (2017 model). This is due to a combination of increased manufacture costs due to new features/materials and the poor exchange rate with our manufacturers in China. We constantly strive to hit the sweet spot of price and performance and we are happy that we continue to offer a superb deal on an incredible product.