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In brief

Our latest and greatest innovation - the ONLY trisuit with an In Case of Emergency NFC chip built in!

  • Our best materials and design to date
  • Compression where it counts
  • Unisex design - women wear the sports bra that works for you!
  • Fresher, lighter colour choices - better for hotter races
  • And, of course, the ICE chip on board! More below...

What's all this about ICE then? 

Every triathlon event asks you to record your In Case of Emergency (ICE) information on the back of your race bib, but how often is that wrecked by the swim? And have you ever forgotten to write it on? There's a million other things to be thinking about on race day, let alone what your blood type is! And what about training? If you're riding and running hard in your trisuit in training, what would happen if you had an incident?

The ICE chip is incorporated into our trisuits and utilises the increasingly ubiquitous NFC communication technology to trigger a web page to load on a user's mobile phone, on which there is the information that you want to share. 

Powered by Aurora Enterprises, the website allows you to control the information that gets shown to the scanning device; emergency contact, blood type and allergies etc. It even shows a helpful map with the mobile user's current location so that they can provide useful latitude and longitude information to the emergency services if needed!

In short, the ICE Blue trisuit is the only trisuit that improves your chances of getting the help you need in the event of a mishap!

What else? Will it make me faster?

Possibly! Our trisuit is an incredible performer. We've got compression fabrics in all the right places, ventilation exactly where it matters, and those little touches that make it feel so good. Once you've run in the Heart Sports ICE Blue trisuit, you won't want to wear anything else, even on your training runs! Our generous pad has wowed athletes and reviewers alike in its ability to just "get out of the way" on the run. This means you get the best of both worlds - class-leading cycling comfort and confidence inspiring run performance!

The trisuit has a cycling pedigree and works as an incredible skinsuit. The rear pockets are low drag, but big enough to carry even an Iron distance race worth of nutrition - or you could take that banana for another bike ride without eating it! The gear pockets come into their own on your training runs as they're big enough to hold onto your mobile, freeing your arms from that annoying band with the damaging fastening!

And all those little touches too!

Our zip protector is small, light and only where you need it - so no annoying flapping about in the wind when you've unzipped the top.

The collar is low and small. Super-comfortable and elegantly cut. You'll look awesome.

The "mock two-piece" styling means you get incredible convenience, including the "rummage pouch" front - saving you time and effort if nature calls (gents only). 

Oh... and did we mention the ICE chip?